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MSW Field Placement/Psychology Student Internship Program

Field Instructor: Liz Thul MSW, LSW

Task Supervisor: Sarah Hall, BA Psychology, BA Sociology

Liberty Community Connections MSW (Advance Standing/2nd Year) social work field placement program and psychology internship program will provide a continuous pool of interns which could lead to permanent employment at the end of the field placement/internship. Students will already be fully trained as a Supports Coordinator and be able to hit the ground running upon being offered permanent employment at LCC.

Why Work (or Intern) at LCC?

Liberty Community Connections is a Supports Coordination Agency that provides quality Consumer directed services for people with disabilities and seniors and advocates for equality, dignity and access to independent living.

LCC Supports Coordinators (SC) are highly trained to be experts in their areas of specialty.  Our SC’s compassionate, dedicated, passionate people with a heart for humanity and Independent Living. LCC SC’s are amongst the best trained in the field!


What types of jobs are available with LCC?:

LCC offers a variety of employment opportunities which include, Supports Coordination, Medical Support, Administrative, and intern opportunities (summer & school-year).


What is the population and types services supported by LCC?

As a large, urban program in the nation’s 5th largest city, and surrounding southern PA counties LCC offers substantial opportunities for staff to accept the exciting challenge of delivering high quality supports coordination services to a diverse consumer population.  Our advocacy includes direct advocacy as well as policy/law advocacy for Consumers, and community advocacy. LCC provides excellent training and professional growth for all staff because of the richness of the supports and advocacy that is provided to and for our consumers.

Our services are rooted in the Independent Living Philosophy.  This means we promote Consumer Control in choices and decisions regarding services, inclusion and equal access to the community. These services include:

  • Supports Coordination                             

  • Prevention of Nursing Home Admission

  • Information and Community Referrals

  • Personal Care Assistance

  • Home Modification

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Assistive Technology

  • Transportation

  • Discharge Planning

  • Personal Emergency Response

Students who are accepted to the yearlong field placement/ internship at LCC will be granted the opportunity to not only receive the in-depth training curriculum provided to all SCs. In addition, students will receive all CSWE field placement requirements:

  1. Weekly supervision (process oriented):

    1. Regular meetings with field instructor/task supervisor

    2. Acquire a caseload of 10-15 consumers

    3. Assess the process of working with seniors and persons with disabilities and develop sensitivity to diversity and its implications for practice

    4. Professional networking

    5. Policy analysis

    6. Participation in local, state and national advocacy events 

  2. Group Supervision (task oriented/consumer case studies):

    1. One session per month for all social work interns at LCC. Each student will bring a consumer/case study that they need assistance with (e.g., resources, ethical issues).

    2. Facilitate and lead discussions about on issues that are important to our consumers (for example, housing, PAS services, abuse and/or neglect).

    3. Discuss and share useful resources found regarding these issues.