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 Tameka Blackwell Training Institute

    est. March 22nd, 2017

Tameka Blackwell was employed by Liberty Resources Inc. as the Nursing Home Transition Supports Coordinator and as an Independent Living Services Specialist. She received numerous accolades for her dedication to the Independent Living philosophy and making a difference in consumer’s lives from 2008 through 2010.  One of these accolades was for the most Nursing Home transitions in one month. She also received the Jerry Segal Classic 2005 ‘Give Back’ award from Magee Rehabilitation.  She was a fierce advocate for the disability community always fighting to make life better for her second family.


Tameka furthered her education and received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English (Cum Laude) at Temple University.  It was here that she received National Honor Society status.  She received a Certificate in Short Story Writing and Journalism by way of the National Correspondence School in Washington D.C.  She volunteered as a motivational speaker through Magee Rehabilitation. She also worked as a part time paralegal at the Legal Clinic for the Disabled. Inc. which fueled her desire to become a lawyer.


Tameka co-authored a book titled “No Restraints: An Anthology of Disability Culture in Philadelphia.”  Her own short story was titled “And the Sun Still Shines.” 


Tameka will be remembered for empowering individuals with disabilities to become vigilant advocates for themselves.  She helped individuals with disabilities to see that they do not have to tolerate any type of abuse or disrespect.  She was a testament on how one can be self-advocating, independent, and vigorously social all while having a disability. 


Tameka enjoyed listening to 70’s soul, jazz music, reading and writing.  She learned to live and enjoy her life in a new way- as a disabled person with independence, strong mindedness, vitality, and confidence.

Information on the Institute

In alignment with our Core Values, mission and vision statements, LCC developed the Tameka Blackwell Training Institute to produce competent and compassionate SCs in preparation for Managed Care implementation. LCC prides itself on Consumer control and satisfaction so it was important to include Consumers in addition to the four-prongs of the Training Institute. These four prongs are to Recruit individuals for hire, offer an internship program through Field Placement, deliver an in-depth SC Training, and provide Engagement & Development opportunities. Read more about each prong here.