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Training Manager

Sarah Hall

Since LCC became its own 501c3 organization, the Training Manager position was created to provide new hires with guidance and instruction on being an outstanding Supports Coordinator. The position has since evolved into training cohorts of SCs who undergo a rigorous, advantageous training provided with support of a peer, the Training Manager, and a Manager. The curriculum is designed to include Independent Living training, Mental Health First Aid training, and shadow visits in the field while the SCs learn necessary, technical information which lays the basis of producing quality work. SCs learn the databases for both under 60 yrs. old Consumers and Aging Consumers. Upon completing training process, the SCs continue to embrace the Core Values while implementing the learned skills to provide Supports Coordination and advocacy for people with physical disabilities and seniors to safely live independently. This training process is a one-of-a-kind Supports Coordination Training Program. LCC produces SCs of the highest caliber to support its Consumers.


MSW Field Placement/Psychology Student Internship Program

Liz Thul and Sarah Hall

Liberty Community Connections MSW (Advance Standing/2nd Year) social work field placement program and psychology internship program will provide a continuous pool of interns which could lead to permanent employment at the end of the field placement/internship. Students will already be fully trained as a Supports Coordinator and be able to hit the ground running upon being offered permanent employment at LCC.

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Organizational Engagement, Development, & Training Specialist

Daniel Torrance

The Organizational Engagement, Development, and Training Specialist (OEDTS) helps increase employee engagement, morale, employee retention, and provides effective ongoing trainings and support to all new and seasoned staff. Maintaining high employee engagement has been shown to support organizational success and growth, including a 22% increase in productivity, 48% fewer safety incidents, and 41% fewer quality incidents. Most importantly for social service organizations with high turnover rates, high levels of engagement reduce the turnover rate by 25%, which impacts the well-being of consumers, the organizational culture, and even the bottom line. The OEDTS implement organization-wide projects with new hires and seasoned staff. The OEDTS looks for new opportunities to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity on an ongoing basis. In this way, the OEDTS helps fulfill LCC’s goals of providing high quality Consumer-directed services while building a more productive and engaged organizational culture.

Training Institute Staff