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Frequently Asked Questions


On average how long does the PPL enrollment process take?

On average it takes 4-6 weeks for a consumer and or an attendant to become enrolled (Good to Go​ status/G2G).


Who do I contact if I need to make arrangements with picking up my monthly trailpass?

Contact Liberty Community Connections at (267) 765-1515. 


How do I request an application for my attendants?

For PPL contact the Enrollment Hotline at 1(866) 912-2979.


How do I obtain durable medical equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment may be provided by the different waivers. Consumers will need a script and proof that all 3rd party liabilities have been exhausted as the waivers are always the payor of last resort.  Upon receipt of the information listed above, your Supports Coordinator will submit a critical revision to the consumer's budget and request approval from Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) for these items. 


If my assigned SC is not available, who can I contact?

If your regular Supports Coordinator is not available you can always request to speak to the Supports Coordinator on call in either the Philadelphia Office at (267) 765-1515 or in the Allentown Office at (888) 879-1444.


What is the difference (or association- if any) between LCC, LRI, and LHC.

Liberty Community Connections (LCC) is a supports coordination provider.  LCC has offices in both the Southeast (Philadelphia) and in the Northeast (Allentown); Liberty Resources (LRI) is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) that assists with four core services: Advocacy, Information and Referral, Peer Support, Skills Training and Nursing Home Transition; Liberty Resources Home Choices (LRHC) is a non medical, home care provider.


What type of services can LCC help with?

LCC  provides consumers with service coordination for the following waivers: Independence Waiver, Comm Care Waiver, Obra Waiver, Attendant Care Waiver,  Act 150 and Aging Waiver.  Service coordination includes but is not limited to advocacy, referral, skills training, nursing home transition and coordination of waiver and non waiver services and supports. 


What's the difference between consumer-option and agency-option?

a) Agency Option - Consumers utilize a home health agency that hires, trains, pays, fires, and assigns the personal assistants to the Consumer; b) Consumer Option - Consumers are free to take charge of any and all aspects of their personal assistance services including recruitment and termination of their attendants; c) Combination Option - Consumers also may combine the agency and Consumer options for delivery of their service.


How do I get enrolled with waiver services, how long does this take and what are the eligibility requirements?

Each of the Waiver programs serves a different population and each program offers a different set of services. Some Waivers offer a limited set of services while others include a broad range of services. All of the Waivers have specific criteria individuals must meet in order to qualify. ​


Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

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