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Our History


Liberty Community Connections began with the Disability Rights Movement of the 1970's  - a movement initiated to enable individuals with disabilities to have the same life choices as non-disabled persons.  The movement gave birth to the establishment of Centers for Independent Living (CILs).  CILs were set up nationwide to deliver support and services to people with disabilities so that they would have the ability to live independently in the community.  In 1980, Liberty Resources, Inc. (LRI), the city of Philadelphia's first Center for Independent Living, was launched to serve the Greater Philadelphia area. 


In 1987, LRI became certified to provide service coordination.  From 1987 to 2013, the service coordination of Liberty Resources assisted  thousands of persons with disabilities with resources and services to help them live independently. In 1995, LRI advocated for and was certified as a provider of Personal Assistance Services which later evolved into the Fiscal Management Services (FMS).  In 2012, the Commonwealth of PA consolidated the 36 providers of FMS into a single contract which was awarded to PPL, Inc.  As a result, LRI wound down the FMS operations and stopped this service delivery in 2013. That same year, LRI established its service coordination service as an independent non-profit organization under the name Liberty Community Connections, Inc. 



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