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How to Enroll 

For individuals over the age of 18


If you have been approved for waiver services and would like to choose Liberty Community Connections as your Supports Coordination Agency, call (267) 765-1515 if you reside in the Philadelphia area or call (888) 879-1444 if you reside in the Allentown area.

If you would like to enroll for waiver services and have not yet been approved, you may do so by calling the Pennsylvania Independent Enrollment Broker named Maximus


Maximus completes an assessment of your needs and determines your eligibility.  If you are eligible for waiver services and decide to choose Liberty Community Connections as your supports coordination agency, then Maximus would send Liberty Community Connections a referral.  If the referral is accepted, Maximus sends Liberty Community Connections your assessment information and Liberty Community Connections assigns you to a Supports Coordinator.  Your Supports Coordinator will then guide you through the process of getting your services started.


Maximus contact info:

Toll free helpline: 877.550.4227
Toll free TTY line: 877.824.9346

Address (for the central office in Harrisburg):
PA Independent Enrollment Broker
6385 Flank Drive, Suite 400

Harrisburg, PA 17112



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